DPOTMH opens PMDT Treatment Center & Lab

Posted August 22, 2012 8:49 am under: News by admin

Tuberculosis has long been one of the diseases that are difficult to treat in the past.  But with the advancement of health care technology, this disease is no longer incurable.  With proper medication, diet, and lifestyle management tuberculosis can be controlled and eventually treated.   Moreover, several Tuberculosis Control Programs have been initiated around the world to prevent the spread of this disease.

The threat however is still as real as ever.  The more feared variant, the drug-resistant tuberculosis, has been quietly spreading  all over the world these past few years.  Proactive efforts of local and private health institutions around the world have been absolutely vital in managing this type of tuberculosis.

In line with this world-wide initiative, the Department of Health (DOH) and the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) have chosen the DPOTMH as the site for its Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (PMDT) Treatment Center and Laboratory in Negros Occidental.  As a medical institution, we are proud that the Department of Health has trusted and chosen us among the various hospitals in the region to manage the dreaded disease.    Among others, this gives us a chance to serve and give back to the community that has made us what we are today.

The PMDT Treatment Center and Laboratory has been treating TB patients since last year.  When it started, the Center temporarily operated  at a small area outside the back entrance of the Emergency Room.  It was only last May that the hospital finished the construction of the official structure for the Center.  The Center is now located in front of the hospital in the parking area near the chapel.

The PMDT Treatment Center and Laboratory was blessed last May 18, 2012.    The blessing was attended by the top management and the PMDT staff.  Dr. Alvin Parreño is the official head of the Center.

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