Station 14 Earns Praise from Impressed Patient

Posted October 29, 2012 8:19 am under: News by admin

The hard-working nurses of Station 14 earned great praise from one of their patients for a job well-done.  Ms. Anamae G. Quezon wrote:




     I would like to commend the Head Nurse and the staff of  Station 14 for the care they have rendered during my stay in the hospital.  I was so impressed by the service provided that I felt compelled to go on with my praise.  These people truly deserve it.  I am humbled by their compassion, love, and dedication to the nursing profession.


     It appears that it was simply the group’s extraordinary commitment to excellence in patient care and support that motivated them to always go the extra mile.  Their example even had a positive impact on the recovery of the patient assigned to them.  That is the reason why I chose Station 14 since then.


     In addition, I was very impressed with the dignity and respect the nursing staff extended regardless of the circumstances they encountered.


     Lastly, I believe that the head nurse and her team truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing patient service and customer support well beyond the expectations of the company.