Last December 8, 2011, McDonald’s in cooperation with the Pediatrics Department and the Marketing and Client Relations Office of the DPOTMH brought smiles and laughter to children confined in the pediatric wards of the Hospital. Ronald McDonald, the bright red and yellow clown mascot of McDonald’s, gave away dozens of toys and balloons to the sick children in the wards. The faces of the little children almost immediately lit up when they saw Ronald McDonald walk in with his big red clown shoes.

Ronald McDonald, assisted by a crew from McDonald’s, spent some time with the kids telling jokes and doing funny poses – making everyone laugh. The usually quiet pediatric section of the hospital was, for a short while, filled with the sound of children’s laughter. While some adults mistakenly referred to Ronald McDonald as “Jollibee” during the visit, the children didn’t mind so long as they got hugs and high-fives from their favorite red and yellow clown.