Reproductive Health

In support of the efforts of the UNICEF and the DOH, as well as to encourage the rooming-in of babies and to promote early mother-baby interaction, we reclassified our Nurse Station 11 as a “Mother-Baby Friendly Complex” last January 7, 2011. Strict measures were implemented beforehand to ensure the health and safety of the mothers and newborns who were expected to occupy the area. Policies and guidelines governing the Complex were drawn up after numerous consultations between Pediatric doctors, OB-GYN practitioners, the Nursing Service Office, and the Hospital Management.

As a Mother-Baby Friendly Complex, newborn children in the DPOTMH are roomed-in with their mothers almost immediately after birth. To keep the newborn babies and the new mothers safe from germs and infection, the Mother-Baby Friendly Complex has firm rules limiting the number of watchers in the room to only two in addition to a strict “no visitor” policy. Aside from the obvious health concerns, limiting the number of people in the room will also allow the mother and the newborn to get their much needed rest.

Rooming-In and Breastfeeding are strictly encouraged.