The Riverside Medical Center, Inc. (owner and operator of the Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital) has recently opened its Red Book Club for patients who are undergoing hemodialysis treatment. The Red Book club is an exclusive, members-only club whose membership entitles one to numerous benefits and incentives.

“We understand the difficulties and worries that confront hemodialysis patients and their families,” said Manuel Jonelas II, Head Nurse of the Riverside Hemodialysis Department. “We want to help ease the burden of our patients by offering a program that gives them more value for their money as well as helping them cope with the taxing costs of hemodialysis treatment.”

One of the benefits of being a member of the Red Book Club is that members have the option to engage in financial management in relation to their treatment. With proper financial management, members are assured that their treatments are continuous and they do not have to stop the same due to financial constraints.

Red Book Club members also enjoy numerous incentives such as activities exclusive to club members only, talks, seminars, rewards, and freebies among others. As a Red Book Club member one is also entitled to waived stat fees in case of emergencies.

For more information on the Red Book Club or if you want to enroll in the same, kindly call the Hemodialysis department of Riverside at (034) 433-7331 local 3200.