Dietary Department

Dietary Department

How to get there

We are now accepting ordered meals for watchers.

Call local local 3158 & 3023 / Sun 09237478668

Our Dietary Department prepares and serves meals for patients, guests, staff, and visitors of the Hospital. It also provides initial and ongoing dietary education to patients, as well as staff. Patient meals are served according to their physician’s written orders with the dieticians’ approval. Patients with Special Dietary Needs are given specially prepared meals to suit their needs.

Our Dietary Department is staffed with full-time registered dietitians who not only ensure the nutritional needs of patients are met, but also maintain high kitchen standards with regard to sanitation, production, and service to patients.

Our Dietary Department now also accepts ordered meals for all private stations between 5:00 am to 7:00 pm. This allows the patient’s watchers, or their guests, to order off the Dietary Department’s “restaurant-style” menu, at their convenience.

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